HENRY: My New Home


HENRY: My New Home Book 1

HENRY! A porker?
What on earth is a porker?
HENRY doesn’t know, but when he finds out, he is shocked! Will his new ‘brothers’ save him from the butcher?

HENRY soon finds out that other ‘pigs’ on the farm of his new home have roles to play for Farmer Gordon and Enid. They become his friends as do the boys, Jack and Ross.

You will love the daily adventures of HENRY in this 1st book of a series of 3. His life is so much fun until he finds out what a ‘porker’ really is.

Buy this book today to help educate your child about farm life and to have fun with HENRY and his adventures. The book can be read to and discussed with all children up to 8 years of age and can be read as a great chapter book for all children.